This blog is about my study tour to  Australia to explore the contribution of non-clinical community placements to medical education. 

You can find  out more about what community placements are, their role in medical education and why I am looking at practice in Australian Medical Schools here. I have also created the following pages:

  • Teddy Bear Hospital, in which I describe my day in the bush with medical students taking part in a community-development project. 
  • Alongside these pages detailing my experiences of community-based education I am publishing some reflections on being in Australia. You will find some images from my trip to the outback here and a rolling series of ‘road trip’ slideshows here. I have now added slideshows taking in my trip to the University of New England and Armidale.
  • You can find information about the support for this trip provided the Higher Education Academy through the International Scholarship Scheme here.
  • You can find information about the Durham Centre for Medical Education Research here.

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