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Community placements: more tales from the field and thoughts about assessment

  Introduction In this post I want to describe and then share some reflections on a particular piece of community placement practice that I observed at the University of Western Sydney. My aims are to continue to add to the … Continue reading

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Urban health and health services inequalities and Julian Tudor Hart’s inverse case law: a role for community placements

Introduction Western Sydney made the national news this weekend. The Sunday Telegraph, Sydney Herald and ABC News all ran stories based around a report published by the Western Sydney Region Organisation of Councils (WSROC)[i] that contains findings of research demonstrating … Continue reading

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Prove it: evidence for effects and effectiveness of community-based non-clinical placements in medical education

Introduction What evidence can we recruit to support inferences about the contribution of non-clinical community-based placements to medical education and practice made on the basis of my observations and reflections reported in this blog? The answer would appear to be … Continue reading

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Sharing experience: enhancing student learning

CBP: similarities and differences in student experience As I demonstrated in ‘seeing it differently’ it is possible to identify some outcomes commonly experienced by students undertaking community placements. I argued that these similarities arise in part as a result of … Continue reading

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My journey

These pages contain a pictorial record of my time in Australia. The first slide shows the main places (indicated by dots) that I spent time working with colleagues, students and community-based organisations. The lines connecting the dots show the journeys I … Continue reading

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Community Placements – the what, why and purpose of coming to Australia

Community Placements in Medical Education Community placements aim to provide medical students with opportunities to learn about the social basis and context of health and healthcare by placing them with a wide range of organisations and groups which are situated … Continue reading

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In the field: the role of the placement provider/field educator in community-based learning

  Introduction CBP is only possible and only works because of the investment made in it by community-based organizations.  Organisations may make this investment for a number of reasons. It may be about wanting to contribute to the education of … Continue reading

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